I am going to tell you about Labradoodles and my little labradoodle puppy too! Labradoodles are very talented and if trained properly can do tricks such as rolling over, paw and drop dead.

Personnaly I would reccomend going to puppy training with other puppies so they get used to being around many other dogs. This helps puppies when going to the vets so they are used to being in a room with other dogs . If you get a dog when it is older than four months, I would reccomend private training. This gives dogs one to one training were they can learn quicker as they are not at the same level of learning as puppies who are two months old.

This Puppy looks like Charlie!

RSPCA puppy care guide

My puppy Charlie was born on the 14th of September and is a minature Labradoodle. He is golden brown and looks like me! Charlie is an adorable little puppy with an apetite for cardboard tubes. he is nearly 12 Weeks old